Aja Fatou Mboge, a Gambian, whose granddaughter, Ya Haddy Ndure, is still in custody in Senegal, has been appealing to theAji Fatou Mboge Gambia government to delegate someone to visit her. Ya Haddy Ndure is waiting for her Senegalese Lawyer in collaboration with a Lawyer taken by RADDHO, a Senegalese Human Rights organization, to work for her release while her grandmother has been appealing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Gambian High Commission in Dakar to visit her so that the Senegalese lawyers and Human Rights organization would see that her own country cares about her citizens.

According to the grandmother, Ya Haddy Ndure is a married woman and a student in Senegal and has no connection with any organised crime. “Diatta, who raided the apartment, has confessed that it was due to the fact that her name appeared in a receipt book of a rent collector who was arrested and is very apologetic,” said Aja Fatou Mboge. She added “The two women found in the apartment are all released. I have gone to the Senegalese High Commission and they said that they are here to protect their own citizens and it is the Gambian High Commission in Dakar that should protect Gambian Citizens there. I went to Foreign Affairs and they claimed that the High Commission claims that Ya Haddy Ndure is arrested on drug charges. I asked them what type of drug and how many kilos were found with her but they said they do not know; that they were just given that information. I told them that that is false information aimed at stigmatizing my innocent granddaughter instead of standing by her against injustice,” lamented Aja Mboge.

Asked about the current situation, she said the lawyer taken by RADDHO has told her that the lawyer taken by Ya Haddy has filed the case and is waiting for a date to be given. “We will take this matter up when Aja Haddy is freed. They will tell us who told them that Aja Haddy possessed anything linked to drug. Those who should visit her but are instead stigmatizing her would hang their heads in shame when she is released,” concluded the distraught grandmother.

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