Agencies sign up to boost Gambian Wrestling


By Sulayman Bah

This new wrestling season is set for a boost with a myriad of individuals signing up promotion agencies aim at Burr Touraybeefing up the sport, Foroyaa Sport can reveal.

The last season witnessed a paltry number of bouts staged in the arena amid wrestler’s lamentations over lack combats. But the situation might be different this time round as a good number of people are reported to be signing up the forms from Gambia Wrestling Association to become wrestling promoters.

Already, over six promotion agencies have been registered and licensed after paying up a mandatory D3000 fee, according to an official from the country’s wrestling association.

Among those signed and given a renewed license are Saloum Promotions, Gumbo Gaye promotion,Kharange Promotions, Ala Promotions,Nianija Promotions and JinnehMorry promotion – which is run by wrestler JinehMorry.

Burr Promotion is the latest to be endorsed and only last week opened the season with a two-week Mbapat contest with staggering staked prize hitting over 200,000, the biggest of prize money ever staked in the arena.