AFRICA LIBERATION DAY Which way for Africa beyond 2016? Gambia is at a crossroads


President Jammeh has declared the country an Islamic state even though
it is not an Islamic state.
He is also referred to as a promoter of Pan-Africanism. It is howevernot clear whether he is also calling on Pan-African Islamic governments
on the continent in order to have African unity.
The unity of countries could only arise from harmonization of
constitutions, institutions, administrative and managerial practices.
If promotion of Pan-Africanism is mere lip service, those who claim to
be Pan Africanists should articulate the content of the constitution
and natures of the institutions which would make unity feasible.
As it stands, Africa Liberation Day is being promoted to pay lip
service to the idea. There is no concrete agenda from constitutional
and institutional developments towards the unification of the
continent. Apparently, cultural nationalism in promoting nostalgic
feelings of the past has dominated African Liberation Day
Africa’s future is yet to be decided. Which way for Africa beyond
2016, has not been debated in this year’s commemoration. Africa is in
search of a new agenda for the second phase of liberation and a new
leadership to promote its achievements.
Where do you stand? Are you going to be part of the problem or part of
the solution? Make your choice.