Saturday, December 4, 2021

Adama Bah Secures PDOIS KMC Mayoral Candidature


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By: Kebba AF Touray 

The last minute withdrawal of Mr. Sheikh Omar Saho, has earned Mr. Adama Bah the ultimate approval and flag bearer of the PDOIS’ Mayoral candidate for the KMC. This was disclosed at party’s meeting on Saturday at the B O Semega Janneh hall, which saw the hall full to capacity with supporters, delegates and top brass of the PDOIS. The convergence was organized with the objective of availing party supporters to exercise their democratic right in primary elections, to select their flag bearer for the forthcoming KMC Mayoral seat, which all the parties in the political spectrum, desire to secure. However, the objective of a primary election failed to meet its intended purpose, due to the eleventh hour withdrawal of Mr. Saho.

Ousman Sillah the National Assembly member for Banjul North and PDOIS member, reminded the gathering that the forthcoming Local Government Election is slated for 12th April and 12th May 2018 respectively, which also climaxes electoral cycle for the year; that since the country is undergoing a transition, the party believes that the conduct of elections should reflect the type of transition regime.

Sidia Jatta the National Assembly member for Wuli West, reiterated that the convergence was for the delegates to choose their candidate in a democratic way; but that the withdrawal of Mr. Saho has given his opponent the automatic qualification to grab the candidature; that this development was done in good faith and in the party’s best interest. He urged all to rally behind Mr. Adama Bah to become the successor of Mayor Yankuba Colley, in the forthcoming Mayoral Elections.

Mr. Adama Bah, the candidate, expressed thanks to his co aspirant, Mr. Saho and gratitude to the Central Committee of the party for their foresight during the dialogue, and the entire membership of PDOIS for his selection as the party’s mayoral candidate. Adama said there was a lot of anxiety and frustration during the dialogue to reach a consensus and tasked all to turn that anxiety and frustration to strength, to change the Municipal Council.

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“This is a big opportunity for this party to showcase its strength and ability to change this country for the better. I think this Municipal Council gives us that chance”, said Mr. Bah.

He averred that the Council and Mayoral elections will be a gauge for them to show that they can change the country as the country so desires and called on all Gambians in general and young people in particular, to work hard and be the foot soldiers for the country and remain united for the betterment of the country.

“There are no shortcuts in politics and that is why PDOIS over the years, have been educating the people so that they can be conscious and take their destiny into their own hands. Because to change the mindset of the people and make them realize that the country belongs to them, is not an easy process”, he added.

He emphasized that no meaningful change can take place if the people are not taught to be conscious, and to be engaged positively to take the country into their own hands, noting that the country is owned by the people and not any other political party.

He called on all to support his candidature and vote him into office to develop the Municipality.

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