ActionAid Funds Disburses D350,125 to Ten Vulnerable WomenBy Mariama Marong


Funding from Action-Aid Child Sponsorship Local Rights Program Office, Niamina West Yiriwa Apex( Kafoo) and Niamina Dankunku Kawral Apex( Kafoo) have disbursed cash amount of D350,125 to ten women within the two districts.

The ceremony was held at the ActionAid office in Niamina Dankunku.

This is the first time the two Kafos came together under one platform to support vulnerable women who head households in their respective districts, all geared towards the development of children and women.

Speaking at the ceremony, Action-Aid coordinator for Niamina West District, Mabiran Sawuneh highlighted the importance of the cash disbursement to ten vulnerable women in the two districts as a fundamental pillar towards the women and girls empowerment process. Adding that business support is the initiative of the two Kafos within the two districts and Action-aid is just their funder.

Mr Sawuneh said beneficiaries were chosen from the numerous women who want to be part of the initiative, but they were only limited to ten and those chosen went through serious survey to determine their vulnerability.
“ Each beneficiary was engaged in small business and we support them based on their little involvement in something meaningful, we can’t just give money to anyone, we need evidence to prove to our partners.”

He said the support rendered to the beneficiaries will be of great help to them and their families, noting that the assistance will enhance lives and change situation of rural communities.

Alagie Njie Nget president of Dankunku Kawral Kafo commended the two groups for such a laudable initiative, adding that the gathering is very key in the development of the two districts.

Mr. Njie urged the women to utilize the money for its objective, “ You the beneficiaries should stop unnecessary spending and make best use of the advantage for the betterment of the project.”

For his part Demba Sey president of Yiriwo Kafo Niamina West, also called on the women to set examples for future engagements.

Sey said it is time to develop Niamina and initiatives like this is the gate way for such goals to be achieved.
“ Niamina West and Niamina Dankunku coming together for the first time to render support to vulnerable women is a great step in the right direction, this togetherness should be strengthened for greater development.”

He further emphasized that there are challenges, but the money should be properly used and implemented for a good purpose.

Fatim Colley from Kerr Liane, who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, said they are overwhelmed to check from Yiriwo and Kawral Kafo for their business development.
“This is the first time in my life someone is supporting me with a huge amount, more than thirty thousand dalasi. I have never received hundred dalasi from anyone, this is the first time.”

She urged her fellow beneficiaries to use the money to upgrade their business.

The beneficiaries are Jama Ceesay from
Kerr Mahalima, Isata Bah from Buniadu, Fatim Colley from Kerr Liane, Mariama Trawally from Sami, Sunkary Sowe from Nana Sami, Fanta Barrow from Dankunku, Amie Dampha from Pinai Mandinka, Fatou Bah from Sareh Gainako, Hawa Bah from Jamaea Sarr Kunda, Delam Faye from Sinchu Nyagary.