Never in human history has nuclear weapons been utilized as a threat in the escalation of war in Europe backed by major nuclear powers. The European people who endured the worst during the Second World War are being dragged into a confrontation that no country could win. The only result of such confrontation is to reduced decades of long hard struggle to build better lives for Europe into rubbles.

Russia and Ukraine are unequal powers and no amount of weapons given to Ukraine will enable it to equal its military power with Russia. Russia has convinced its population that it is at war with NATO. NATO is trying to convinced its nations that Russia is a threat to Europe. Hostility is mounting.

It is common sense that a war without winners should not be strategically waged. There should therefore be de-escalation. Leaders must not say what they will not do and cannot do. They should work out a peace plan that will lead to a ceasefire in Ukraine and save the rest of Europe from getting into war. They should then work out the condition for an end to the war and how Russian occupation could be reversed since the demand for common sense should be addressed with immediacy.