A New President On Gambian Soil


It is an irony that at a time when Gambia is making history by having the first transfer of executive power through the ballot box, the incumbent had to leave the country because of a political impasse caused by the refusal to vacate political office when his term expires. This is a lesson for all persons who occupy executive power.

The first message to bear in mind is that those who occupy executive power should see themselves as public trustees and not as monarchs. Hence, they should always prepare their minds for life after the presidency. Such preparation would motivate them to be transparent and accountable when they control executive power.

Presidents who abide by the letter and spirit of the country’s constitution would never be impeached for violation of the constitution or fear of leaving power. In fact, such presidents would establish term limits to make it impossible for them to stay in power indefinitely.

The end result of indefinite stay in power is to give the notion that one owns power. Consequently, abuse of power is readily done because of such notions. Those who are fully conscious that they would exit from power would be careful of not abusing it for fear of the consequences.

Foroyaa hopes that the new administration would abide by the letter and spirit of the constitution and further carry out constitutional reforms to establish a term limit.