Friday, December 3, 2021

A New Minister, A New GRTS DG And A New Government Spokesperson


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Information and communication are indispensable to any system of government, especially one that aims to be democratic. Any fetter to information and communication would lead to a misguided society.

One can easily tell the nature of the government by examining the content disseminated by the public media. The more control of the public media the less the coverage of divergent views and matters that are of importance and interest to the vast majority of the people.

The Barrow administration is heading towards its second birthday. Many Gambians still rely on the non-state media for information. Now that there is a new Minister, a new Director General of GRTS and new Spokesperson for the Government. Foroyaa will monitor national broadcasting to determine whether it is living up to expectation or not.

One anticipates that after two years of delay in constitutional review, truth and reconciliation, electoral reform, security sector reform and implementation of a National Development Plan, the plate of the Minister, Director General and Government Spokesperson will be full to capacity as the public hungers for update on development.

The future will tell whether the state or non-state media and those who disseminate information would carry the day in meeting the expectations of the public.

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