A Nation In Search Of A Way Forward Nation Focus Or President Barrow Focus


Political leaders and their supporters have a choice. They could either be focused on the Nation or on Barrow.

If they are “nation focus” they would want the hardship of the people to be reduced. They would focus on assessing developments on a daily basis to identify shortcomings that should be addressed, conditions that should be improved and steps that should be taken to improve them. It would be left to the government to prove by its action or inaction whether or not, it is fit for purpose and which force could best replace it if it is not fit for purpose.

If they are Barrow focus, they would concentrate day and night in talking about what Barrow says and does and even add their imagination on what he says and does to paint a picture that would earn him the dislike of the electorate.

The danger with this tactic of becoming so obsessed with Barrow is to become oblivious of the plight of the people and always harbour a wish for the worst to happen in the country until dooms day.

This negative approach tends to give a negative image to a party leader and the members as people who would want to heap sand in the soup just because of not being part of the invitees for dinner.