Wednesday, August 4, 2021

A Healthy Debate Emerging


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The debate between Christian and Islamic scholars is the way forward in building consensus on the fundamental law that should govern the affairs of the Gambian state.

A constitution is a sketch plan for the building a state for a country that we all call our homeland. Hence everyone should be included and no one should be excluded from the debate. Each must have his or her say so that at the end of the day each would have a sense of belonging to the country. This is why the best minds should come together to look at all issues that are contentious and build consensus on what should be acceptable to all.

All media houses should encourage such exchanges of views without propaganda or ill-intention.

Truth and good faith are the bases of having a rewarding debate that would enrich the drafting of important documents like a national constitution. A healthy inter-faith dialogue is what is expected of leaders of faith in the country.

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