Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A Future Of Exclusion Or A Future Of Inclusion For The Gambia


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Each Gambian is a citizen as well as stakeholder in ownership of the homeland. No one can be deprived of citizenship or ownership of the homeland. All Gambians must therefore live together.

The purpose of setting a commission to guide the constitution building process as well as the truth, reconciliation and reparation process was to facilitate the building of a new nation that would avoid the pitfalls of the past. Unfortunately, hostility is building up in the constitution making process and the transitional arrangement before the CRC and the TRRC complete their work.

Those who want an inclusive society should try to build it on a foundation of truth, justice, tolerance and accommodation. All must recognise truth when it is glaringly before their own eyes. All must be outraged by injustice whenever it raises its ugly head. All must accept not to be judges but commit themselves to due process. All must take note that the future cannot be built unless we face the realities of the past and deal with them in such a just and humane manner that new Gambians will emerge to build a new Gambia that all will be inspired to be a part of.

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