A Dangerous Trend Without A World Leadership That Is Fit For Purpose


The 21st Century has given rise to a globalized economy that links governments with different political systems as never before in human history. This development had provided a solid foundation for sustainable development for the major trading powers of the world. The challenge before the world is how to decentralise the economic development in order to ensure that the countries that are excluded from the world economy would be brought in to get their fair share of the world economy.

The current world situation makes it impossible for economies in the Middle East, Asia, Europe or the Americas to engage in any form of protectionism without negatively impacting on each other’s economy. Interestingly enough instead of mobilising the whole world to put an end to the war with immediacy and protect the sovereignty of a country and the sovereignty of the people through referenda and federation forces in the world are now calling for the emergence of big powers and smaller ones that will serve as their spheres of influence, thus restoring the cold war days.

It is very clear that the Europeans, the Americans, the Chinese, the Saudis have different approaches to government. This constitutes a transition in the progress of human civilisation to a world order of the people determined for each country by its own people at their own pace based on their own political will.

Hence what the world order needs is examples of getting such countries which others would emulate to arrive at that world order.

The task now is the peaceful co-existence of nations in order to promote the peaceful transition to a world order the sovereignty of nations and people will be respected by all. A world of super powers is archaic. Humankind needs to move from the world of governments to the world of the people.