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rather than an armed insurrection is achieving dividend as the Parliament of many countries give their recognition of Palestinian nationhood, including a continental parliament like the European Parliament. The Pan African Parliament should not be left behind. The attempt to remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organisations should motivate the organisation to adopt democratic and Republican values which makes every Palestinian a sovereign citizen of Palestine who could assume any office regardless of gender, religion or other identities. The Palestinian struggle for nationhood would gain an accelerated power of motion if the united front learns from the most democratic constitutions of the world and promulgate a Republican constitution which would make Palestine the most democratic country in the Middle East. This is the only way Palestine would win the heart of the world and embolden the democratic forces in Israel which are now dormant because of not knowing what to expect from the forces of resistance in Palestine. Consequently, the forces of national and racial chauvinism in Israel are posing to be the real protectors of the Israeli people from a potential holocaust of Arab origin. They have gone to the point of cultivating narrow nationalism by declaring Israel a Jewish state. Hence it has joined the rank of those states where one’s identity determines one’s status. It is this type of ideology which leads to hatred of others and ethnic cleansing. This is opportunity for Palestine to be declared an open society which belongs to its citizens irrespective of religion or origin. This is the way Palestine would overshadow Israel in the world stage and pull the carpet from under the feet of the national chauvinists in Israel and give more power to the democratic forces which could ensure that a democratic Palestinian Republic would exist side by side with a democratic Israeli Republic. This will contribute to the reshaping of world history which is now taking a new turn as the US and Cuba begins   a process of rapprochement and Iran moves towards consensual diplomacy rather than confrontational diplomacy. With an Iran that focuses on creating prosperity for its citizens under a climate that yields enlarging democracy the external threat posed to the monarchs of the Middle East would diminish, Lebanon would be free to look inwards and resolve its own internal contradictions which could only be solved by embracing democratic, Republican and secular values. A stable, democratic and secular Republic in Palestine and Lebanon would provide examples for Yemen, Oman,Bahrain, Syria and Iraq. After Syria and Iraq were led by secular Bath parties, only genuinely democratic secular Republics could guarantee religious tolerance, stability and prosperity in liberty. With US and Cuba embracing consensual diplomacy confrontational diplomacy is likely to give way to consensual diplomacy throughout Latin America thus putting an end to the bloody conflicts which is likely to be followed by popular wave of the sovereign people of Latin America for democratic secular Republics. This is the new trend in the world and those who ignore this would do so at their own peril. The Gambian leadership should take note that with this new trend, the political landscape in the world would no longer be the same.   We are now moving towards very momentous times. History is in the making and Foroyaa will continue to keep the public informed.  ]]>

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