9 Women groups in Banjul benefit from CILIP Project


By MUHAMMED SAILU BAH The Community Based Infrastructure and Livelihood Project, ( CILIP), on Thursday, 27 August, signed a tripartite financial 9 Women groups in Banjul benefit from CILIP Projectagreement amounting to one million nine hundred and fifty-four thousand and forty  dalasis, (D1,954,040), with nine beneficiary women groups in Banjul at a ceremony held at the Banjul City Council, (BCC), Chambers. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Abdoulie Bah, the Mayor of Banjul, commended the CILIP project under GAMWORKs for providing support to the nine beneficiary groups within Banjul. He called on the beneficiaries to judiciously use the money for the purpose for which it is intended. He indicated the money is not meant for sharing among individuals within the groups, but should instead be ultilised for the intended projects. He said the Council will closely monitor the groups in the implementation process. Maria Dacosta, CILIP Project Manager, recalled that last year a call for proposals was done and groups submitted their proposals which were scrutinised and the proposals that met the criteria were eventually approved. She said the support is a marching grant of which a 10% counterpart, (cash), contribution should come from the group or Kafo and that 90% of the funds is provided by the project. Continuing, Madam Dacosta said one of the requirements is for the beneficiary groups to open a bank account and submit a statement to the project before any cash transfer is made. She also said that an organised management structure at the community level should be put in place by the groups in order to achieve a satisfactory implementation of the project. The CILIP project manager further revealed that a proposed list of five key focal persons who would lead the implementation should be made and that a sub-project should be identified by the beneficiary groups. She said any beneficiary group which is found guilty of misappropriation would repay the amount to the project. Mam Sai Njie Sanneh, President of the Gambia Chapter of the West African Women’s Association, assured the CILIP management and BCC that they would live up to expectation.]]>