7 Arrested Manduar Youth Released


By Mustapha Jallow

Seven (7) youth of Manduar were finally released on bail from the Brikama Police station on 30th June and 1st July 2021, Alagie Bojang, younger brother to Manduar-Alkalo and a son to village Imam Ratib told Foroyaa.

He explained he was part of delegates who went to the said station to bail the detained youth. He added that four of them were bailed on 30th June, while the remaining three were also bailed on 1st July.

“All the Manduar detainees were bailed finally,’’ said Bojang.

He explained that the 4 who were first bailed were: Buba Bojang aka ‘Buba Manduar,’ Pa Camara, Nafally  Bojang and Alagie Makalo. He added the other 3 are: Saidy Bojang, Ba Fabakary Bojang and Babucarr Jallow.

According to Bojang, all the 7 will be reporting on bail starting from Monday, 5th July.

The Manduar-Mankinka Alkalo Ba Jerreh Bojang also confirmed this latest development. He added that all these were advised to maintain peace in the community.

It all started on Tuesday, 29th June, when the people from Manduar Madinka-Kunda and Manduar Touba (Wollof) Kunda, clashed over alkaloship and attestation for voters’ registration during the people of Madinka-Kunda claimed that Manduar is one village with one Alkalo and that everyone should register at the village’s registration centre.

But these claims were not bought by the  people of (Wollof) Touba, saying they also have their own territorial area with a Alkalo and they should only be in charge of their own voter registration.

This resulted in a confrontation, leading to the Police Intervention Unit (PIU), intervention who started firing tear gas to the rioters. The IEC staff were also evacuated immediately.