5-year-old Male Child Needs Help For Overseas Treatment


Nyima Sillah, mother of five-year-old male child, is looking for assistance to continue the treatment of her son diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot.

She said she took her son to Bundung Hospital when she noticed that he was enduring breathing difficulties. They would be referred to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospitals (EFSTH).

According to the medical report from EFSTH dated 7th March 2021, the patient (five-year-old male child) is being followed up at their clinic on account of ‘tetralogy of fallot’.

“Tetralogy of Fallot (pronounced te-tral-uh-jee of Fal-oh), is a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart. It happens when a baby’s heart does not form correctly as the baby grows and develops in the mother’s womb during pregnancy,” according to the American Center for Disease Control.

“He had a recurrent history of difficulty in breathing, associated with easy fatigability and cough and has similar episodes since birth with intermittent bluish discoloration of the lips and limbs, and is currently admitted on account of pneumonia,” the Medical report showed.

Upon examination, the Medical report showed that the patient is said to be not in any obvious distress, not pale, afebrile, anicteric or mildly cyanosed, and has no pedal edema with clubbed fingers. A Chest X-ray also showed boot-shaped cardiac contour and right ventricular hypertrophy. The Medical report indicate that the patient is currently on the following medication: P/O Propanolol and IV ceftriaxone.

The medical report which is signed by Dr. Abdoulie Garba, the Registrar of the Department of Pediatrics, recommended for the patient to go for overseas treatment for surgical correction of defects.

Meanwhile, Madam Sillah said she tried private clinics in the country for treatment but the child’s condition did not improve; that she went to Senegal for her son’s treatment at the Centre Hospitalier National Universitaire De Fann and was there with her son for two weeks, before being discharged to come back home.

Sillah said she has been asked by the hospital to return again to continue her child’s treatment. But that due to financial constraints, she cannot return.

According to her, her child’s condition has ameliorated since she started treatment in Senegal. She is therefore pleading for support so that her child can continue to have treatment either in Senegal or elsewhere outside the country; that she prefers overseas treatment as obtained in Senegal.

For any assistance to Madam Sillah, she can be reached on the following number: 2448970