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38 year-old Man in Need of Overseas Treatment


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By Rohey Jadama Ousman Njie, a 34 year-old man and a resident of Janjanbureh Central River Region is 38 year-old Manin need of overseas treatment of his left Tibia. According to Mr. Njie he was admitted at the Bansang hospital in November 2013 for a period of 1 year and was later referred to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital. “I was admitted and I was operated thrice but I am still feeling pain in my left tibia. I cannot even walk a long distance and I am not working currently due to my illness”, said the distraught young man. According to the medical report from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Mr. Njie was healthy until 20 years ago when he developed painful swollen left knee with inability to walk. He added that, it started discharging pus and blood spontaneously and that he had be operated 3 times since then because of chronic osteomylelitis of the left tibia but not completely resolved. It further states that on examination there was a long scar on the anterior aspect of the left leg with atrophic skin changes on the medical aspect of the left knee there is a sinus discharging small amount of pus. Patient is limping because of the pain. Some limitation of left knee flexion. X-ray showed signs of sclerotic chronic osteomyelitis with osteolysis on the proximal end of the left tibia. Mr. Njie does not have the wherewithal to pay for his overseas treatment. He is therefore appealing to the government or philanthropists to help facilitate his treatment. He can be reached on the following numbers  6371710/3168598/9700070.  ]]>

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