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32-Year-Old Adult Male Seeks Support for Overseas Medical Treatment


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By Ndey Sowe

Sara Wally, a thirty-two-year-old adult male seeks overseas medical treatment to facilitate his treatment.

The man walked into Foroyaa’s office on Monday October 28th 2019, saying he is in need of kidney transplant which according to his medical report, cannot be done at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH).

According to his Medical report obtained from the above Hospital, Sara Wally is 32 years old and has been diagnosed with the end stage renal disease (ESRD) and was on dialysis at the EFSTH.

His report indicated on Physical Examination the following:
Respiratory: Chest clinically clear RR=20C/M
CVS: S1 and S2 heard no murmur Bp=P=90bpm
ABD: Soft, moves with respiration and no organomegaly
CNS: Alert and conscious, no focal neurological deficit
Investigations show on the medical report the following: Hb=11.1gldl, Urea=10.26mmol/l, Creatinine= 490.3mmol/l, Blood group, HIV negative, Hepatitis B- Negative, Hepatitis C- Negative, VDRL- Negative.

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The medical report shows abdominal ultrasound scan of both kidneys which are small in size with poor cortico-medullary differentiation, adding a diagnosis of ESRD 2 HTN.
Plans reveal by the report is: Po furosemide 40mg tds, Po nifedipine 20mg tds, and Po fefa 1 tab tds, Po calcium carbonate 500mg tds.

On the Hemodialysis details, the report gave the following: “He is on regular hemodialysis 3 times per week with a duration of four hours at every dialysis’’; that he maintained a good attitude during treatment and is stable on dialysis but he needs kidney transplant which cannot be done in their center; that they strongly recommend for him to go for overseas treatment.

Any Good Samaritan who wants to assist Mr. Sara Wally, can reach him on the following number: 2584854.

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