3 Years Jotna Leaders Charged, Released on Bail


By Yankuba Jallow

‘Three Years Jotna’ leaders have been rearrested on Wednesday, 10th February 2021 and charged with the same offences following their release by the court on the same day.

“We can confirm the arrest of members of the 3 Years Jotna group under prosecution at Banjul High Court,” Superintendent Lamin Njie told Foroyaa.

The police officer said the State has filed a nolle prosequi (in the previous case) in accordance with 64 of the criminal procedure code leading to their discharge.

“The Police re-arrested them as a result of information filed at the High Court by the State,” Njie said.

Charges preferred on them includes Unlawful Assembly, Riotous demolishing of Buildings and Rioting after Proclamation contrary to section 69,  76 and 74 of the Criminal Code laws of the Gambia.

Meanwhile, they have been granted bail in accordance with the law.