3 Vehicles Burnt to Ashes in Abuko


By Mariama Marong

3 vehicles were burnt to ashes on Thursday morning at a garage opposite the GNPC petrol station in Abuko.

According to eyewitnesses, the accident was caused by electrical engine problem.

The number plates of two of the vehicles couldn’t be identified owing to the damage caused on the vehicles by the fire. The only one which we identified was BJL 3641 J.

Fatou Badjie, an eyewitness said she saw smoke coming out of one of the vehicles on her way from the market. This was when she rushed to call on people to come, but couldn’t stop the fire from spreading.

“It spread fast and the three vehicles all got burnt. The fire fighters arrived at the scene very late,” she said.

She said the majority of the people who came there were not helping instead taking photos and videos.

“If they had supported us, the fire could have been managed and it wouldn’t have become this bad,” she said.

Musa Njie, the manager of the car garage said he was not present at the time of the incident adding he was at Churchill Town where he has a workshop.

He explained that after receiving the information regarding the incident, he immediately informed the fire station at Churchill Town who rushed to the scene.

Manager Njie said the incident could have been caused by electrical engine problem adding one of the vehicles was having this problem.

“All the three vehicles that were burnt do not belong to me. My friends own them and it will be very difficult to relate the incident to them,” he said.