27 Year Old Woman Solicits Assistance For Eye Surgery


By Ndey Sowe

Maraima Ceesay, a 27-year-old woman solicits support from all and sundry, for immediate surgery of her eyes.  

According to Mariama, she visited Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Centre seven years ago with loss of vision in the right eye and visual loss was said to have followed a trauma she had about five years prior to her appearance at the said Center. She was managed as a case of right trauma cataract, and had cataract surgery with guarded prognosis.

According to a medical report from the aforesaid Eye Care Centre, she has however been on fairly regular follow-ups after surgery, and the left eye is essentially normal and a review was also made of her system.

Examination findings in her last visit to the centre about a month ago however, revealed an unaided visual acuity of 2/60 in the right eye and 6/18 in the left eye. The findings also indicate that the right global was exotrophic; the conjunctive was white, the cornea was transparent, the anterior chamber was normal depth, with an ACIOL in situ, and that the pupil was irregular with a posterior capsular opacity. The findings further disclose that the anterior segment in the left was essentially normal.

Fundal examination in the right eye also revealed no clear view, while the left fundus showed a pink disc with cup to disc ratio of 0.3, and her intra-ocular pressures were 22 mm Hg in the right eye and 23 mm Hg in the left eye. She was managed as a case of right complicated pseudophakia and was also recommended for Yag capsulotomy and then refraction for best correct vision.

For any assistance to Mariama Ceesay, she can be reached on the following mobile phone numbers: 3738975/ 7984659 or through her husband on: 7885852 or through [email protected]