20 Experts Conclude Review, Validation of Seven Curriculums for TVET Programs


By Ndey Sowe

Twenty experts including staff from the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) have on Tuesday (10th August 2021) concluded a week-long review and validation of seven (7) curriculums for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs for The Gambia.

Each curriculum required a day for its review and validation, which prompted the International Trade Center (ITC) in collaboration with NAQAA to invite 20 experts per program including staff from NAQAA for the review and validation.

The development of the seven curriculums for TVET programs was under various sectors including three under the creative industries (film and photography, event planning and management and music production and management), compressed stabilized earth blocks, road maintenance, poultry and permaculture.

The Gambia has adopted a roadmap for educational and training institutions to step up support for youth. The development of the TVET Roadmap is part of the Jobs, Skills and Finance (JSF) for women and youth in The Gambia programme funded by the 11th European Development Fund, which aims to stabilize the economic, social and security situation of the Gambia during its democratic transition.

 “Curriculum development plays a vital role in improving a country’s economy. It also provides answers and solutions to the world’s pressing conditions and problems, such as threats to the environment, politics, socio-economic problems, and other issues related to poverty,” said Yusupha Keita, Technical Advisor and Coordinator Job, Skills and Finance at ITC.

He added that the day marked another important day in the work of ITC in The Gambia as they concluded the validation and review of seven standards and curricula developed by NAQAA with inputs from curricular experts, educationalists, industry players, and subject specialists.

“This is the first time we are developing or we have developed training standards as well as curricular,” said Sambujang Marreh, NAQAA Head of Research and Development.

This is a huge milestone as far as the development of TVET in The Gambia is concerned. He said the curricula are not statics documents, but are documents that will require periodic review and cruising which has to start from that day of the validation.

“I am glad that all the participants, especially the experts that we have engaged in this process have been very committed to the course,” he remarked.

Marreh emphasized that NAQAA didn’t develop but facilitated the initiative, saying all the training standards and the curricula that are developed are industry led.