Tuesday, July 27, 2021

2 Gambians with Speech disability Snatch Gold in Cairo


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Special Olympics Gambia is currently taking part in the Pan African games which is held in Egypt, Cairo from the 23rd to the 31st of January 2020 under the auspices of the Egyptian president H.E Abdel Fattah EL-Sisi, the chairman of the African Union.

Our athletes, Abdoulie Bah and Anna Mariam Badjie won a gold medal on a 100 meter run, they also took part on the 200 meters run were Anna won a silver medal and Abdoulie took 4th.

Special Olympics is the leading voice in raising awareness about the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities, through the power of sports people with Intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Intellectual disability (or ID) is a term used when a person has certain limitations in cognitive functioning and skills, including communication, social and self-care skills. These limitations can cause a child to develop and learn more slowly or differently than a typically developing child.

Our programs create a platform for our athletes to compete in both local and international competitions.

Special Olympics Gambia has over 90 athletes, we have weekly sport training at the Independence Stadium every Saturday. Our athletes are student from Methodist Special School and Hart House.

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At the heart of the Special Olympics movement is to promote inclusiveness. Some of our key program efforts to build inclusiveness in communities include: Unified Sports, Athlete Leadership, Healthy Athletes, Young Athletes and Family Engagement.

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