14 Kerr Mot Hali Residents Ask Court to Free Them


By Yankuba Jallow

Fourteen residents of Kerr Mot Hali, currently held in detention at Janjanbureh Prisons have filed an application before the high court seeking an order for their unconditional release from custody.

The 14 detainees are Omar John, Ali Ceesay, Abdou Mbye, Ali Secka, Ali Ceesay, Musa Mbye, Haddim Ceesay, Mod Talla Secka, Mod Habib Secka, Abdoulie Secka, Mod Habib Secka, Batch Samba, Sheikh Sey and Mustapha Ceesay.

They were arrested and arraigned before the magistrates court in connection with the Kerr Mot Hali fire incident. They are charged with the capital offence of arson which the magistrates court cannot hear. The matter was transferred to the high court for lack of jurisdiction to hear the case. The trial magistrate remanded the 14 detainees pending their appearance before the high court. So far, these people have been in detention at the Janjanbureh Prisons.

Lawyer Segga Gaye representing the detainees said the matter is urgent. He pleaded with the court to hear the application this week. Lawyer Patrick Gomez said he needed time to advice himself on the application as he indicated that he sought an adjournment.

Justice Ebrima Jaiteh adjourned the matter to Tuesday, 27th June 2022 at 12:30 pm for hearing. The Judge also instructed the prison authorities to ensure the appearance of the detainees before him today.