By Mustapha Jallow Yusupha Lowe a 13 year old boy, Pa Alieu Lowe also a 19 year old youth, who were arrested alongside Jarriatou Lowe, have now been held incommunicado detention for 14 days without court appearance or release. Yusupha Lowe is the son, Pa Alieu Lowe, the brother and Jariatou Lowe, the ex-wife of Baboucarr Lowe, alias ‘Bai Lo’, a former Warrant Officer Class 2 of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), suspected to have been involved in the December 30 event. According to a family source, Yusupha and Pa Alieu are both attending school and their long detention is delaying their schooling. “Our main concern is these two young ones are still attending school and their detention is affecting their education, and we don’t have access to them,” said a family source. Family sources say that the reason(s) for their arrest and detention has not been made known to them.  Their long detention exceeds the 72hrs limit set by the Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia. The three persons were arrested by security agents, who were identified as men in plain clothes on 1 January, 2015 at their residence in Lamin around 3pm. Sources added that both were whisked away in a waiting tinted glass vehicle. Furthermore, Foroyaa has been informed that Jarriatou Lowe is divorced with Bai Lowe since 27 February 2014. Family members are concerned that since the arrest and detention of the three, they are yet to have access to them or know their whereabouts.  ]]>