According to Section 152 of the Constitution, 30 days before the end of the financial year, estimates of revenue and expenditure for the next financial year would be presented to the National Assembly for approval within 14 days. Hence by 1 December 2014, the National Assembly will be considering the budget for the next financial year. When will the input of the people be taken into consideration? The recent supplementary budget proposal or appropriation bill has revealed major weaknesses in the priorities of the Government. In short, Government is opening up Missions in many countries but ended up with rent arrears amounting to 42 Million dalasis. Annual contribution to international organisations was in arrears by 18 Million dalasis. Ironically, the same government which had all these arrears chooses to spend 86 Million dalasis on national celebrations. Open up the media and hold “Bantaba” meetings to get the opinions of the people. We are waiting to give coverage.The future will tell.]]>