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Vote for your Choice – says President Jammeh


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By Aja Musu Bah

President Jammeh who is also chairman of the APRC party, on day three of his tour on 16 November 2016 held a rally at Wassuyahya-jammeh Naini District CRR. The rally was well attended by party militants and supporters of the party.

President Jammeh stressed that voting should be done peacefully and people should vote for anyone of their choice.

The president who was speaking at the rally thanked the women and students of CRR and described them as the hope of the country. “For the students I live and die for you,” said the president.
He asserted that the youth will not experience what they experienced when they were going to school.

He emphasised that racism should not be encouraged in our society and he is not asking anyone to hate anybody.

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The president argued that though it is not illegal for Africans to go Europe through the back way because the colonialists came to Africa through the back way he will not encourage anyone to go Europe through the back way.

He commended the people of CRR for their unity and asked them not to encourage tribalism in their society, and urged them to maintain the momentum.

He advised young girls to be mindful of those who deceive them through social media to become models and advised them not to expose themselves.
The Minister of Tourism and Culture who doubles as the APRC Liaison Officer for Central River Region said the children are the future leaders of the nation and that they are the ones who will bring development in the country. He said men, women and youths should do as expected of them because they play a significant role in order to take the nation forward.
He noted that the rural electrification project phase two and three are in the pipeline.

Hon Bala Garba Jahumba, APRC campaign Manager said if you want peace and stability in the nation vote for President Jammeh because he has registered significant developments since the inception of the July 22nd Revolution in all sectors. “Politics is not about tribalism but nation building, if Gambia is to develop it will benefit the women, youths and Gambians in general,” he said.
The Governor of CRR Alhaji Omar Khan strongly assured the president that North Bank used to come first in every election but for this year’s election CRR will do everything humanly possible to emerge first position.
Pierre Bah chief of Niani District praised the government for building more than 30 schools in CRR and providing electricity, good road network and health facilities.
Other speakers include the Chief of Upper Saloum Malick Mbaye,  Alkalo of Wassu Bajamban Jawara, Alh Daro Bah Constituency, Chairman Upper Saloum,  Aji Yama Njie Lady councillor, all of whom expressed similar sentiments.


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