Monday, March 27, 2023

Training boost for regional football administrators


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By Sulayman Bah Football administrators from four regions in the country are beingTraining boost for regional football trained at a 3-day training course. Administrators from Upper, Lower, Central and North Bank River regions are being trained on administrative and medicine amongst other courses.The administrative programme tailored for twelve participants, is centered in Basse URR with the Sports Medicine focused in Bansang CRR for forty eight participants across the URR, CRR, NBR and LRR meant to enhance their capacity in sport medicine and first aiding. Course instructors include GFF Administration Officer responsible for competition, Accountant and officials from the GFF Medical unit. Both trainings are done concurrently and would wrap up with a presentation of certificates to all participants. The step down training is the result of resolutions from the youth football week held in December, 2014 at the National Technical Training Centre in Yundum. The training is expected to complete on Sunday 12th April, 2015]]>

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