Seyii Tolof – Part 97 EPISODE 8 (Difficult Marriages – Seed of Destruction)


By Amie Sillah

Grandma Meeting
She met the family and spoke sense into them.
“Maagi wahonako mogain Maagi Hammonako!) An elder who sees danger and warns about it is better than the one who sees danger and kept quiet! I am not that elder I see danger looming about our family; I see division, negative competition which can lead to disunity and destruction.   I am not told but I’ve seen and witnessed it; J.J is sowing seeds of destruction teaching her young son hatred; let me make it quite clear in front of everyone, Sengaan is not a first son you are not married to my son but living in concubinage with him, yes he is naturally born to him as a first son but not traditionally because your bride price has not been paid and we don’t know any of your people. I am very sorry about that, my son knows about it and should have enlightened you about our custom and tradition.
The boys are kids and brothers, please don’t separate them I beg you in the name of God.”

“Mama I know where your heart is I am not a fool you’ve shown yourself and preference since the first day we entered the home but all the same whether tradition or not Sengaan is the first son and nobody can do anything about it as it is the will of God who could have make your kit and kin bore the first son; I know my rights and will be damned to sit down and witness my son denied his birth right.”

“You have no home training and I don’t know where my son has picked you up but what I’ve seen is that you’ve come to destroy his home and his life but the God I serve will not let you.”

“I messed up mom and have only myself to blame what else can I say but am sorry to the whole family; now the blunder has been done let us all try to live with it; is this not what I told you before coming to the village? I have made it abundantly clear that Sengaan cannot be my first son because of my blunder and indiscipline, Sayerr is my first son because his mother is my legal wife traditionally and church wise but she is obstinate about it just to spite my family let us all ignore her.”

“I for one will not because she will think we are afraid of her and I am not. To me Sengaan is nothing but a ‘bastard’ child imposed upon my husband and he is helpless about it.”

She sprang to hit her but grandma held her hand;
“Will you both stop this madness! Do you want to kill my son?”
“Do I drop from the sun? Talk to your kit and kin and advise her to stop calling the first son of the family a ‘bastard’ which he is not; your son took my honour impregnated and dumped me then I have to relocate him and come back where I rightfully belong, let me ask you if you were in my position what will you do? Can Korka deny my son? Until and unless he does so T.T has no right to insult my son and if she does I’ll beat her up.”

“Beat me up! Can you do that useless woman? Come and try it!”
“I cannot beat her up but I can beat you according to our tradition if I hear another word I’ll slap you, just shut up for God’s sake.” Grandma yelled at Tenneng.
“I have given you good training to restrain and respect elders that’s why I married you to my son when he was wayward in the city.”
“I’ll invite the kindred and they’ll come to settle this madness once and for all before you end up killing my only son.” Grandma dismissed the meeting and got a heart to heart chat with her son.

“Did you see my life in the city? It is like that since J.J entered my life with a revenge mission, I spoke to T.T but she would not bulge and that’s what J.J wants a cat and mouse life, I’ve developed hypertension, they made me lose my job by bringing the fight to my work place and now to the village. I am helpless!” He wept. She is bringing up our son with hate messages and it will surely destroy Sengaan and I fear for the future.”

“I’ll invite the kindred and hopefully the problem be solved once and for all.””
“I hope so oh! I hope so!” Korka posited no longer sure that the problem will be solved.

Kindred Meeting
Uncle Sayerr the eldest among the elders spoke;
“My daughter you have to show us your parents so that we can go and pay your bride price; don’t compromise your value as a woman unless your bride price is paid you and your son are not recognize and your son even naturally born first cannot be a first son according to tradition, no one knows what tomorrow brings let us do the right after the wrong has been done.”

“Don’t say I disrespect you Uncle Sayerr but I am not moving an inch if you think you can trick me to leave and Korka ditch us again you are out for a big disappointment; so far that I am concerned Sengaan is the first son of his father and I am here to fight for our rights. Get my parents out of it I came on my own and will stay or leave on my own period!”

The other Elders
The other elders chipped in and told her off.
“What sort of woman are you? No respect for elders! I don’t know where our son picked you up! Well not taking us to your people is at your own peril and the consequences on you and your son will be grave, we cannot force you suit yourself!”
She walked out on the elders cursing and insulting.

The rest
“our son you’ve mess up this woman is trouble and on a dangerous mission.”
They turned and advised their daughter.
“Tenneng bear with your husband, your cousin and don’t allow that confused woman to kill him for us.”

It is very hard to avoid a mad person who is always finding your trouble but I’ll to the best of my ability; whenever we exchanged words she slaps me first and what do you expect me to do, fold my hands?”

To be Cont.