Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Senegambian Wrestling Derby Ends in Acrimony as Baye Mandione Refuses to Cut Nails


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By Sulayman Bah

The much anticipated Sengambia wrestling derby failed to hold minutes before its start after Baye Mandione refused to have his nails cut.

Gambia’s traditional game’s laws impose on wrestlers to have whatever nails lengths cut off before and fighting kicks off.

Hoyantan had followed the procedure but Baye Mandione opted against it, defying the arbiter’s calling.

The arbiter raises with Baye as Hoyantan watched on

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Then a rancour ensued as various representatives of the match entered the arena in a bid to persuade Baye Mandione to heed the laws without success.

Reug Reug tries to calm his compatriot amid tension

After failing to resolve the impasse, Gambia’s king of arena Hoyantan was declared winner on refereeing decision as disenchanted fans threw bottled water onto the pitch before the stadium lights were put off as the crowd exited.

This is the second time Hoyantan is being pronounced winner on verdict of arbitration after his first against France.

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