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Saayii Tolof – Part 194 EPISODE 15 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Oolu Chi Saayii)


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Tijan visited him and advised him to bring back his wife;    “Do what is right before it is too late,” He advised.

   “I can’t, this lady pulled a trigger at me and wanted to kill me.”    “According to the new law the wealth accumulated during matrimony is equally shared between couples, it is taking into account as unpaid and unrecognized labour. Didn’t I tell you?”  Chahaan argued.

At the Barrister’s chambers     

  Omar protested against the law;    “It is unfair, how can I share my hard earned wealth with someone who did not contribute anything towards its creation?”    “It is not unfair, what do you want me to do? Can I start the process now?”    “Yes you can.”    “It is to be shared into two, there is no option, all depends on her,” Barrister explained.      He protested out of barrister’s office

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Omar with Chahaan

    “I did not agree with the terms, my proposal is 2 to 1 equity.”    “Let’s take another bet,” Chahaan boasted.    “I am vying for divorce I have to take my pound of flesh from this wicked woman.”

At the Village

     Ngorr rang Harr and she counselled her;    “Go through the divorce process and I’ll rent an apartment for you until you settle down; don’t be afraid of the process, in the end the property will be shared equally between you and him.    As for your children they will be shared equally, you’ll have the girl and he will have the boy.”


 “I don’t want divorce I still love my husband, I don’t want to divide my family and I don’t need his wealth, it is his and not mine.”


“Stop talking nonsense, Omar’s asset is worth a billion dalasi, you are wasting there in the village suffering beautiful woman! The wealth belongs to both of you.” Ngorr sighed and said nothing.

At the Barrister’s chambers

    Ngorr went to the barrister and he advised her to get a lawyer for her case;    “I don’t need another lawyer, I trust you to handle my case.” He showed her the papers and asked her to sign them and she did.    “The wealth is going to be shared equally,” the barrister explained.   “All I want is for him to forgive my transgression, he can keep his money, I don’t need it. It is his and not mine,” Ngorr posited.

The Shock of His Life Omar   

He cannot believe what the barrister told him that Ngorr is not contesting his wealth, she only asks for his forgiveness of what had happened between them, he became ashamed and surprised.

Reflection of Good Old Days   

  The perfect couple, they did everything together and had fun everywhere. Gossip has it that Yaaye used ‘black assurance on her son in law as she did on her husband who refused to marry a second wife to old age. They ignored gossip and continued their positive living.    Omar blamed his friend Chahaan for the mess up;    “A stupid man! Where am I going to start from? Where am I going to run to?

At the Village    

He regretted his action and stooped before his wife and in-laws to beg for forgiveness,     He confessed to their utter surprise and disgust.    “I organized the robbery it was all fake, the attack was to test her resolve, my friend Chahaan got me into it when he was jealous that I was married to my missing rib and he was not, he then asked me to put my wife to the test that I’ll come to realize that all women are the same never to be trusted with one’ life. I was pressurized and I did the stupid thing with a bet of D500,000. 00 which I increased to a million just to be boastful. I was foolish just forgive me and give me a second chance.”

To be Cont.

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