Wednesday, November 30, 2022

‘No One Forced Me To Contest Banjul Mayoral Seat’ Paul Bass


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By Ndey Sowe

Paul Bass, another independent Mayoral candidate in the upcoming Local Government Elections, told ‘Banjulians’, that no one forced him to contest for the Mayoral seat. Mr. Bass, who is a Civil Aviation expert and had worked both in the US and Gambia, was speaking at a Rally in Banjul South. Bass said his aim is to rejuvenate the City as he did to other institutions where he worked previously. “No one asked me to contest for the election. The decision is mine, because I believe Banjulians need a better city,” Bass remarked. Bass said his priorities are to make Banjul a clean city, by clearing the drainages and ensuring that there is proper waste management. “We don’t want anyone to come and develop our city. It has to be done by us, Banjulians,” Bass pointed out. He expressed the belief that he can do the Job as a civil aviation expert, as clearly manifested during the time he worked at the Banjul International Airport. Mr. Bass said among his priorities is youth employment. He further stated that he will ensure that young men and women are engaged in productive livelihood skills. Mr. Bass in conclusion urged Banjulians to vote wisely.

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