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IEC registers new political party – Citizens Alliance


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By Kebba Secka / Nelson Manneh

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Friday November 29th confirmed the registration of a new political party called ‘Citizens Alliance’ (CA). Officials of the body responsible for election affairs said the new party has fulfilled all the requirements for registration.

“The IEC is pleased to register the Citizens Alliance (CA) as a bona fide political party in the Gambia and it is the eleventh (11th) political party in the country,” said Commissioner Isatou Jallow Ndure on behalf of the IEC’s Chairperson Alieu Momarr Njai.

Speaking further after endorsing the party, Commissioner Jallow Ndure advised members of the new party to familiarise themselves with the electoral laws which should guide them on the conduct of electoral activities such as voter registration, nomination and campaign among others. She advised them to respect the requirements to hold biannual congresses, maintain party regional offices and submit annually audited accounts among many other things, to the IEC. Commissioner Jallow Ndure also used the occasion to remind political parties of their duty to educate and sensitize their supporters on the Code of ethics on Election Campaign including the maintenance of peace and tranquility.

In a side-line interview with reporters after the official confirmation of registration of their party, a member of the new party’s Executive Dominic Mendy acting as interim Chairperson and party leader, expressed gratitude for having their party pass all requirements of the ICE. He however said that more is expected from the country’s Electoral body (IEC) in terms of transparency and honesty and in jealously safeguarding the peace and tranquility of the country. Speaking about the party, Mendy said they are going to harness and put together all professionalism and ability to transform the country.

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Dr Ismaila Ceesay, a member of the party said the party’s strength is anchored on vision, principle and value; that this is their roadmap towards realizing their goals. When asked the type of approach his party will employ to transform the country, Ceesay said the answer is contained in their Party’s Manifesto which will be officially released soon; that they will be the first party to transform politicians’ promises into reality through visionary innovative leadership; that their party is not aligned to any tribe and does not entertain political tribalism which has the tendency to divide rather than unite.

“Diversity is our strength as Gambians,” he concludes.

Citizens Alliance was launched at the Paradise Hotel in Senegambia on Friday the 29th of November 2019.

Mr. Dominic Mendy the interim party leader of the party said Citizens’ Alliance Party is a new platform for the transformation of The Gambia into a nation of opportunities and prosperity.

“Concerned citizens of this nation have formed an alliance based on common grounds to set forth a new direction for this nation, not just to win elections, but to secure our future; a future where our children will be secured, economic opportunities created and defended,” he said.

The interim party leader said as a nation, we have had several fault starts, and over time, it has become evident that we need to succeed this time. “Poverty and deprivation know no boundaries. Instead, poverty and deprivation even to the few that may have transcended it has no option, but suffers from its contagious effects. True comfort and security come when all and sundry are guaranteed the basic dignities and comforts of life,” he said.

“People have bestowed trust in our leaders and have relegated themselves to waiting in hope. Yet, three years afterwards, Gambians are more confused about the capacity of the systems of governance to transport us to that promised land of prosperity and security. We must RISE together because our future matters,” he noted.

The interim party leader said Citizens’ Alliance intends to unite dynamic, responsible and purposeful Gambian citizens to participate in the political process and shape the future of this country through an alliance of all its citizens.

CA embodies all Gambians from diverse professions, all Gambian ethnic groups, cultures and regions who have chosen to take action to change the fate of our motherland for the good.

“Our goal is to create a new direction and unite The Gambia without segregation along ethnic, religious,…[lines]” he asserted.

Mr. Mendy said CA believes that they are the right answer for the nation’s call for change and it is out of their love for their country, and people that they rose to the challenge to become the new promise for democracy and development.

“Citizens Alliance is the face of the everyday citizens: the unemployed youth and youths in general, the students with poor results and students in general, the youths stuck in Libya or Europe and those who perished in the seas; the security guards, cleaners, domestic workers, waiters, shopkeepers, people of the diaspora, traders, farmers, labourers, housewives, taxi drivers, tailors/seamstresses, retired civil and international servants, senior citizens, government workers, businessmen and women, security officers, the fishermen, the doctors and lawyers, the mechanics and metal workers, the carpenters, the market vendors, the struggling entrepreneurs, wheelbarrow pushers, and all those who are suffering to make ends meet,” he noted.

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