FUEL PRICES REMAIN HIGH As oil prices in the world tumble


By Mustapha Jallow
While the pump price for fuel in The Gambia has increased slightly inFuel Pump Prices Increase
a couple of years, the world market price for crude oil continues to
slide down fast.In The Gambia in 2014 the pump price of petrol and diesel (gasoil)
stood at D58.52 per litre and D55.09 per litre respectively. At Galp
petrol station located on the  highway in Churchill town, petrol is sold at
D58.77 per litre and diesel at D56.59  per litre.
The same applies to Elton petrol station at Tabokoto-Abusi, Glap
petrol station and Total petrol station both in Latri-kunda Sabiji.
However this slight increase in the pump price of fuel does not
commensurate with the world market drastic fall in price of crude oil
from which petrol and diesel are extracted, which has dropped from
$140 in July 2014 to below $30 today, or less than a quarter of its
value in less than two years.
Oil photo Dec 15 2014