Former Presidential Aspirant Says He Joined Politics to Effect Change


By Nelson Manneh

Mr Momodou Bah, a former aspirant for the 2021 presidential elections, has disclosed his interest to work in president-elect Adama Barrow’s Government.

Mr Bah, who was among the disqualified presidential aspirants in the nominations, subsequently endorsed Barrow’s candidature.

Bah said the reason why he wants to work with Barrow’s Government is that he wants his policies to be in president elect Barrow’s system of governance in effecting change.

“If you want to have a say in a Government and effect change, you must be part of it. I have a paid-up job and I am currently taking care of my family as expected. However, the reason why I joined politics is to contribute my quota for the improvement of Gambians’ living standards,” Bah said.

Mr Bah whose party colour is Orange, said he endorsed president-elect Adama Barrow’s presidency because his manifesto has similar elements with Barrow’s policies. “Barrow listens to all the opposition candidates who endorsed his candidature, and he accepted to work with all of us for the betterment of this country. Initially, I thought president-elect Barrow does not listen to people but I later realized that he does,” Bah said

“I believe the Gambia needs medication because poverty among is a disease and it needs solutions which serve as the medicine.” 

Momodou Bah alias Momo, was born on 2 November, 1984 in the Gambia. He attended Sinchu Baliya Primary School, St. Peter’s Technical Junior High School, and Nusrat Senior Secondary School. He moved to Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal where he obtained his Masters degree in African and Post-Colonial Studies.

Subsequently, he was admitted into the Senegalese Teacher Training Elite School and graduated with a post-Master’s degree in the teaching of English. He has taught English at Lamin Gueye High School in Dakar; Mako High School in Kedougou, and recently Brindiago and Djibidione High Schools in Ziguinchor, all in Senegal. Momo Bah speaks English, French, and four Senegambian languages.

He is the founder of the non-violent movement ‘Pro-Gambia’, and is also the author of: ‘AN EYEWITNESS TO FREEDOM’, a book that depicts the 2016 peaceful change of regime in the Gambia. The book is hailed by many politicians, writers and activists as one of the databases on Gambian politics. ‘AN EYEWITNESS TO FREEDOM’ has also been adopted by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education as a supplementary book for Senior Secondary Schools in the Gambia.