Sunday, December 5, 2021

BANJUL CITY COUNCIL: APRC Mayoral Candidate For Banjul Harps On Plans, Programmes


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By: Ndey Sowe

Abdoulie Saine, the APRC Mayoral Candidate for the Banjul City Council, said the ‘Tanbi Wetland is here to stay because it helps absorb carbon, which is beneficial to the people of the City.

Mr. Saine expressed his resolve to clean the environment of the City from all sort of pollution; but said that this cannot be possible without ‘Banjulians’ coming together to collectively cooperate and commit themselves towards the development of the environment. Saine was speaking to this reporter on his plans and programmes when elected Mayor for the BCC, in the forthcoming Local Government Elections, slated for May 12th. Saine said the little money collected by the BCC, goes to waste management. He expressed his resolve to cut down on cost and create employment for the City’s youth.

Saine lamented the City’s lack of facilities such as a community radio station, supermarkets, night clubs, and restaurants; that if elected, he will make efforts for the City to gain its glory days, which will in turn attract investors and tourists.

‘‘Banjul is the safest place in the Gambia. Those who have moved to the Kombos are now coming back to reside in the City again because of the security of the City. I will make sure that the City is clean and well secured,’’ Saine said.

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Saine asserted that ‘Banjulians’ should be the care takers of their City and should make sure that the city is attractive and clean. However, he said this can be done when there is cooperation and mutual understanding among the people of the Nation’s City.

‘‘Banjul is where I belong and it is my responsibility to do what is good for my home, the Capital of this nation. I urge ‘Banjulians’ to vote for the right person, who has a heart to develop this City for the benefit of her residents and is not corrupt,” he said.

Saine concludes that elections come and go and urges ‘Banjulians’ to maintain the peace they are known for. He adviced all and sundry, to avoid using foul languages during and after the elections, for the common good.

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