Alleged Drug Peddler Paulo Djabi Wants Court to Unfreeze His Bank Accounts


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Paulo Djabi, an alleged dealer in prohibited drugs, has filed a motion requesting the high court to free his frozen accounts to help him meet his financial obligations.

Paulo is facing charges of money laundering, drug offences, and related matters. He is currently on bail and his bank account was frozen by the court. This means he cannot transact in that account until the freeze order is lifted or the case is decided.

The State, through senior lawyer LaminJarju, has filed an opposition to Paulo’s application.

Paulo’s motion, supported by attachments and filed on the 4th of June 2024, requested the court to unfreeze his accounts.

The opposing motion filed by the State indicated that the freezing of the account does not and has not in any way impaired Paulo with his ability to fulfil his obligations towards his children and sick mother, wife, and uncles, as he, despite the freezing of his accounts in October 2023, continues to live a lavish and flamboyant lifestyle. 

The prosecution indicated that Paulo’s account at EcoBank is empty or dry, but Paulo is sourcing money from unknown sources to sponsor his expensive lifestyle in the Gambia.

The State further indicated that Paulo is currently driving a 4-wheel 2024 Range Rover in town. Also, Paulo spent One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dalasi (D120,000) to purchase a platinum table in the recently held Heroes Award by the Fatu Network at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center.

The prosecution indicated that on the 5th of April 2024, Paulo flamboyantly

celebrated his birthday in a grand style at the Coco Ocean Hotel, a 5-star hotel in the Gambia.

The prosecution said Paulo wished to close his supermarket and it has nothing to do with his financial challenges.

Paulo provided arrears he is owing, but the State opposed it saying it covers from July to December 2023. This means, to the State, some part of the arrears were before the account was closed and therefore, he cannot link that to the account’s closure.

It is the position of the State that Paulo’s finances remained undisturbed since he was able to fulfil his One Hundred and Twenty Million Dalasi (D120,000,000) bail bond.

The prosecution stated that Paulo is not engaged in any legitimate business outside the Gambia and has pending arrest warrants in Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

The case was supposed to come on Thursday, 13th of June, but State Counsel Lamin Jarju requested for adjournment through a letter addressed to the registrar of the High Court. The excuse he gave was that he was caught up in an official engagement and his colleagues in the office were involved in other matters.